Thursday, 13 July 2017

Press Release: FSNF and Legatum form Legatum Financial Services Forum

London – Thursday 13 July 2017


The Legatum Institute is delighted to announce the incorporation of the Financial Services Negotiation Forum (FSNF) to create the Legatum Financial Services Forum.

The new body, led by our Director of Economic Prosperity Studies Shanker Singham, will strengthen the work of the Legatum Institute’s Special Trade Commission (STC), providing independent, expert analysis on the future of financial services policy.

The Legatum Financial Services Forum will build on the extensive research of both organisations to maximise the opportunities and minimise the disruption to financial services that result from Brexit, and bring people together from all sides of the debate.

Commenting on the creation of the Legatum Financial Services Forum, the Institute’s CEO, Philippa Stroud, said:

“The Legatum Institute is committed to positioning the United Kingdom for the best possible Brexit, one that is open and attracts the world’s best talent, where trading ties are free and where entrepreneurs can start new businesses, creating opportunities for others towards a new social contract: one that improves the life chances of the poor and vulnerable and ensures the young are able to seize the opportunities of tomorrow. Today marks an important step forward in this direction. Drawing upon the experience and expertise of the FSNF brings a broad and important constituency to the conversation around a winning Brexit, ensuring Britain’s financial services industry is secure and positioned for growth.”

Daniel Hodson Chairman of the Executive Committee of the FSNF said:

“We are delighted to be joining an Institute whose objectives are so compatible with our own. By working together, we can strengthen the case for a strong and accessible financial services sector with Britain at its centre. This an exciting platform from which to help to meet the significant opportunities and challenges ahead for Britain’s global financial markets and services.”

The new Legatum Financial Services Forum will embark on an ambitious programme of research focused upon key areas including:

  • Identifying the opportunities and challenges arising from Brexit for key elements of the financial services sector including insurance, wealth management, second and third tier banks, Fintech and corporate treasurers

  • Devising a framework for strengthening the UK regulatory environment, UK-EU regulatory collaboration and market access

  • Identifying opportunities for free trade agreements beyond the EU, including with the US, Commonwealth and Crown Dependencies

  • Providing effective proposals for a WTO-UK financial services schedule as part of the UK’s contingency planning process

  • Examining the impact of a broad range of negotiation outcomes including identifying the Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA)


For more information, please contact Alastair Masser, Director of Communications at the Legatum Institute: 07810 570505

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