Thursday, 15 December 2016

Tips for Brexit Negotiators #2 - Negotiate the Negotiation

If you’ve ever worked in sales, you are probably familiar with the scenario where you think you have the deal done (and possibly already cut your margin to the bone to get there) only to hear your customer say “Great – but now I need approval from my boss”. Your heart sinks as you realise the boss will need to demonstrate his superior negotiating ability and drive an even harder bargain.

This is a classic case of failing properly to agree the process in advance of the negotiation. Sometimes this is done intentionally by less ethical players to drive a lower price from their suppliers (usually a short-sighted tactic that ignores the long-term value of the relationship) but just as often it arises through negligence. This pitfall is particularly relevant to the Brexit negotiations.

Although the various EU leaders have so far been united in refusing to negotiate before the triggering of Article 50, there is a good case for both sides to work constructively on the process in advance...

The full article can be found on BrexitCentral.

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