Thursday, 22 September 2016

Press Release: New Joint Forum Unites Leave and Remain

The Financial Services Negotiation Forum (FSNForum) will formally launch on 19 October with a press briefing announcing its new Board and reporting on progress with various initiatives and the first meeting of its Honorary Advisory Council.  Bringing together former chief supporters from both the leave and remain sides of the referendum debate, the FSNForum will work independently and in partnership with others to produce neutral, evidence-based research on key issues relevant to the negotiations on the basis by which the UK will leave the EU.

Anthony Belchambers, the Chairman of the Industry Advisory Group of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Wholesale Financial Markets and Services, is chairing the FSNForum’s Honorary Advisory Council.

Baroness Sharon Bowles, member of the Honorary Advisory Council said, "As a past Chair of the EU Parliament's Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, I am all too familiar with the tensions surrounding our membership of the EU - but also of its benefits. It is not surprising that the Referendum result continues to be controversial. I am delighted to support this forum and the opportunity for Leavers and Remainers to work together to achieve an outcome which is in the best interest of the whole of the UK".

Daniel Hodson, Business for Britain, said, "We very much support this new forum and its balanced work agenda, particularly its policy of reaching out to the less well represented participants in the financial sector."

Graham Bishop, European Movement, said "The decision to leave the EU will impact everyone. While future shifts in government policy cannot be discounted, the direction of travel at this time is clear. This makes the need for the Forum's balanced approach to research even more critical."

The members of the Honorary Advisory Council of the FSNForum are:

    Anthony Belchambers (Chairman)
    Richard Bernays
    Richard Boggis-Rolfe
    Baroness Bowles of Berkhamsted (LibDem)
    Dame Alison Carnwath
    Baroness Cohen of Pimlico (Lab)
    Rt Hon Mark Field MP (Con)
    Stephen Hammond, MP (Con)
    Lord Harrison (Lab)
    Robert Hiscox
    Dominic Johnson
    Professor Michael Mainelli
    Jon Moulton
    David Reid Scott
    Anthony Speaight QC
    Dr. Charles Tannock MEP (Con)
    Lord Teverson (Lib Dem)

Contact Information:
Anthony Belchambers (
Daniel Hodson (

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